It would be nice to see some comments on here from a few of the members. The new web page is great and will go from strength to strength, I am sure of that. Thank you Carol for all your hard work. Good job Carol the new site is on the PFK website. As Tony the Tiger would say "It's Greeeaaat!" A really smashing site Carol, congratulations on a job well done (with an easy to remember domain too). A very good site - easy to move around and content very good. Excellent. Worth all your hard work Carol Thank you.

Excellent web site, easy to move around. Plenty of information - well worth all your effort Carol. Thanks to all the members who supported the photographic club meeting by bringing your cameras and it was so good to see the pictures via the projector. What a magnificent celebratory dinner we had at the M.B.A. Just had a look at Dick Mills' report with pictures on the FBAS, REALLY GREAT! Well done Dick.

Great site. i have a few pics on my mem stick from the photo night and a few i have taken since that we could use in the gallery. just let me no and i will bring em in at the next meeting. Great web site and a fabulous society. I have just recently been accepted as a member and I have been warmly welcomed and made to feel part of the family. With such a wealth of knowledge freely available from established members and speakers, I wish i had joined long ago. Thank you all.

Andrew We are really pleased that you feel welcome, and thank you for joining. Andy Cann Vice Chair. Just to say the web page just keeps on getting better, thanks to Carol. So come on everyone in cyberspace - speak to us!! From a very grateful Chair of this brilliant Society. Maybe I'll pop along to the next Meeting in September (when I'm coming down to Plymouth maybe again from the North!) All the Best Andy. Janners and fish... just add salt and vinegar. Keep up the good work.

John has recently been to Australia and New Zealand and photographed some of the fish in their natural environment and some great images from some amazing public aquaria. See how the Aussies and All Blacks keep their fish with a terrific Power Point presentation by John, so come along tonight and enjoy the experience. G’day Mate! The "short talk" this evening will be on “The Festival of Fishkeeping” presented by Bill Rundle. This is the Federation of British Aquatic Societies (F.B.A.S.) flagship event and was held at Hayling Island last year. ll attended this fabulous weekend and has some great images of how the spectacle unfolded. This year’s event will take place at Sand Bay near Weston-Super- Mare, Bill will provide more information on this tonight.

Some examples of the fish you can show in these two classes. Committee members please attend this meeting. We now have an interactive forum organised by our web master, Carol Cann, so please log in and enjoy the fun! Our web site address is below. Get on line and check out the site which is approaching 2,000 hits! Please see the Treasurer, Ted Sparrow, at the meeting tonight.

Things to do when hives don’t respond to antihistamines

Urticaria is a severe medical condition which is normally associated with the release of histamine in the blood which is an alerting agent which serves to notify the body that it has been exposed to substances or rather conditions that could poise harm to the body.

Fortunately, there is an active treatment if you have hives. With an existence of over a decade, Oxyhives stands out as one of the best and the most effective medications for treating hives. The homeopathic formula is made from 100% natural ingredients; therefore, you can rest assured that there are no side effects.

Antihistamines of natural blend of ingredients?

Lady at fishing

Hives display no pattern in the period over which they could appear and vanish over the surface of the skin. However, most conditions do last up to six weeks to a couple of months. There are variations in the length and pattern of attack from hives some could be affected by a viral or bacterial infection, and these usually vanish after a couple of weeks or so after proper treatment from antihistamines.

However, there are some cases in which they appear and disappear randomly due to ingestion or contact exposure to substances which could pose as an allergic reaction. A close examination from an allergist could help identify foods or elements to which the individual is allergic to and hence avoid them and thus suppressing the rise of blood histamine.

There are however some rare cases in which hives do not disappear from the surface of the skin after treatment over an indefinite space of time; these develop from only mild hives to chronic hives.

These can be tackled with the use of Oxyhives as mentioned earlier or the use of some medically approved creams and lotions designed to address the intensity of the discomfort caused by the welts. Some medicines which can be ingested interact with hormones released into the bloodstream effectively and efficiently causing a decrease in the blood histamine. Some conditions, however, do not respond to antihistamines and these need medical attention and a treatment plan from your doctor who will have to analyze how reactive your body is with the help of tests results he can safely prescribe a higher dose of antihistamines or rather a new treatment. When the new treatment is taken, it should be over a considerable amount of time as most of the chronic conditions require a lengthy procedure.

Things you need for the perfect aquarium

Decorating a house and making a home out of it can be quite hard, even if you already know what you want and how you feel about certain things. The situation can get tricky especially when you think about getting an aquarium. Buying a fully equipped one can cost you a fortune and four to five times more than you would spend while building one on your own. But don't worry, you can buy the glass water container, because you will never be able to build a good enough one on your own.

First find a place where you would want the aquarium to stay, don't put it somewhere where it will be direct sunlight during the main part of the day, but also don't put it in the shadow. Find a corner or wall that has just the right amount of light and that is not fully dark during the night. Take measures and go to a shop or professional aquarium designer and get one. They will know how thick the glass should be for the size you want.

Before the glass container is done, you can think about which fishes you want and what kind of marine life you find interesting. Internet search and pictures will help you with that and you will surely find many suggestions on which sorts go with others, so you don't end up with having only one fish after a few months. While you are already at searching through internet, check for friends also, they will help you fill the time, while you wait, with fun activities and make you company. London girls are one of the best ones in the industry, so make sure to get one if you have a chance. Those stunning ladies are good for all kinds of occasions, even building and decorating an aquarium.

By the time you have decided and enjoyed your time with ladies, your container should be done. When putting it on the right position, make sure there is no way it can be moved from that place. Then go for the gravel and buy some substrate, because some fishes need that. Put it in the container, but pay attention to the glass and be sure you don't scratch it. Don't put any plants nor stones before you get the water in the it. The next step is to fill it with water and to add de-chlorinator, which will chlorine and other substances from the water that could harm the fishes and the whole marine life in your tank. Attach a good filter that will be able to clear the tank but also help dissolve oxygen in the water. Place a heater and a thermometer in the tank and wait for thirty minutes before you plug it in, so it can adjust to the water and the temperature. Ask the friends you got earlier in the process to help you, maybe one of those beautiful ladies has a tank and can give you helpful tips. They can also be helpful in many other ways once you finish your decoration, so stay in contact with them.

Now you can place your decoration and plants in the tank and finally, after a day or two put your fishes in it, as well. Do it slowly and carefully and be sure to have the right food prepared for them. When it comes to the number of fishes that can be put in an aquarium, the first two weeks there shouldn't be more than one fish on 20 liters or water. After those two weeks you can add up to 1 per every 5 liters, depending on their size and eating habits. The whole process will last for a month, but at the end you will have an incredible aquarium and beautiful new house pets, that don't make any mess.