On the first Wednesday, there is generally a talk from a guest speaker or an in-house talk by a club member. The talks are always very informative and one can always gain something from these meetings. The second meeting is more informal, and there is normally a short in-house talk by a club member on a topical subject. A competitive table show is also held, covering a different group of fish each month. This is judged by experienced club members who make constructive comments after prize cards have been awarded. Members are engaged in conservation projects involving one endangered species, a Blind Cave Fish, Garra Barreimiae from Oman. Our junior members are encouraged to take a full and active part in Society activities. Members enjoy the facility of a comprehensive library of books and videos.

Fish should be benched before 8pm. No fish will be accepted after judging has commenced. All fish to be shown accordance with FBAS rules. Any queries must be directed to the Show Secretary or Assistant Show Secretary. All tanks must be labeled with members club number, showing class and name of the fish on the front of the glass. The Annual Table Show will be held in the second meeting in December. All members will be able to show their fish on the understanding that they have qualified to exhibit.

To qualify, each member will have to win one table show card during the course of the season. There will be a maximum of four fish per member. This show will be regarded as an open table with no classes and any type of single fish will be accepted. Small towel to clean outside glass when fish is benched, and to wipe wet hands before moving any tank. hope you enjoy your Festive “Fishy News”, or as Julie R put’s it “The Santa Special”. We have the second part of Richard Evans article on his visit to the Red Sea, again with some cracking photographs. The third part will be in the spring issue of the Magazine, which will be good.